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New City, New View – New Directions



A view to inspire Goethe

A view to inspire Goethe



Aussie Singer in Berlin can hear church bells pealing and birds chirping through the gold and red leaves outside her Berlin apartment. She wonders whether she may have stepped into a story by Goethe – let’s hope there is not a tortured poet around somewhere or a poet being tortured…





The other view from the balcony


Wish I had audio of the bells and the birds to share with you as well  (Aussie Singer in Berlin is unable to continue the conceit of writing in the third person).

I am here in Berlin for 3 months to take up a “New Directions” Finzi Trust Scholarship which is enabling me to study roles and complete a voice type change begun earlier this year after advice and mentoring gained while being a member of English National Opera’s programme for developing young artists, OperaWorks.  

I look forward to sharing my adventures in singing and in Berlin while I am here studying with Liane Keegan and having coachings.  Let’s see if this new city, new language, new technique and new voice-type gives me a new perspective on things.